Call Conferencing Systems

confence calling systems chico caTeleconferencing is an ideal way to improve communications among groups over long distances. Teleconferencing can enhance collaboration and decision-making, save time and eliminate travel costs.

In some applications the size of the room or noise canceling necessity may merit the use and installation of a commercial grade conference phone.

In most organizations, getting things done requires contributions from many people. Audio conferencing is an efficient, cost-effective way to keep everyone “in the loop,” and our conference phones ensure that you will no longer have to repeat yourself or shout into the phone to be heard. The new cordless conference phones give you the freedom to call from anywhere in your office.

Konftel Conferencing system chico caKonftel Conferencing System

Konftel Conferencing systems are easy-to-use, compact conference unit with impressive, crystal-clear sound thanks to the patented audio technology OmniSound® HD.

Konftel systems are specially designed to be the hub of your communications connecting computers, mobile phones, tablets and desktop phones.

Whatever the communication tools, your meetings will be conducted with superior sound quality. Moreover, VoIP calls can be bridged with calls via a desktop or mobile phone.

Konftel systems lets you record calls or dictations and you can move the memory card to your computer to save or share the audio files.

Konftel systems are portable and look just as good on the desktop, in the home office or in the conference room.