IP Camera Systems

camera system security system chico caIP camera systems offer high resolution digital recording and viewing for an exceptional, cost effective, scalable and easy to operate surveillance system for your business.  Whether you need a single IP camera to monitor an important process or piece of property or require larger scale surveillance, Westel can design and install the right system for the job. 

Our camera systems go above and beyond to offer you professional-grade features:

  • Scalable day/night surveillance
  • Advanced hardware with full HD video
  • Powerful features and analytic capabilities
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Weatherproof – resistant to water and dust
  • IOS and Andriod compatible software
  • Pre-installed Unifi Software
  • Can be mounted quickly on a pole, wall or ceiling
  • Cost effective

See camera details and options (PDF)

Superior Image Quality
IP cameras produce high resolution digital images for viewing and recording with no loss in picture quality. Traditional analog cameras must convert the analog image to a digital image thus resulting in a decrease in the quality of the image.  Westel Communications installs IP cameras with resolutions up to 1080P, ensuring that it is easier to see the exact details of the images filmed by the camera.  

Cost Effective Installation and Operation
IP camera systems are network/internet based and do not require the installation of bulky video and power cables to operate. The images and sounds recorded by an IP camera can be transmitted over a network cable such as Cat5e or over a wireless network. Westel Communications installs IP cameras that can be powered using Power over Ethernet (POE) which does not require additional power cables. IP camera systems are viewable over a network or over the internet via a PC, laptop or Smartphone and therefore do not require the purchase of a separate monitor for viewing.  

Video Image Management
Because all video data is recorded and stored digitally, it is much easier to access for playback in the event that video footage is needed. Recording parameters can also be easily set and changed to include video motion, audio motion or a specific event.  

IP surveillance camera systems can be easily integrated with systems on the same Ethernet or Wireless networks, such as point of sale systems and security alarm systems. IP cameras can be installed on a small or large network depending on the needs of the system. As long as there is sufficient internet bandwidth there is no limit to the number of cameras that can be added to an IP surveillance system.